William Kinderman

William Kinderman

Challenge Security in California, He/Him

Work Experience

2021 — Now

• Conduct adversarial simulations to assess the security of our systems and to identify potential vulnerabilities.
• Perform attack modeling and efficacy testing to gauge the resilience of security measures and to determine how systems might respond to a real-world attack.
• Collaborate with the Blue Team to recommend mitigation strategies, improve incident response, and enhance our security posture.
• Develop, modify, and employ tools and techniques to simulate real cyber threats.
• Analyze and report on security assessment outcomes, providing actionable recommendations to leadership.

2020 — 2021

• Assess the security of products and systems that are deployed to Oracle's Cloud Infrastructure.
• Write tooling to help security the cloud at scale.
• Help teams understand and remediate security vulnerabilities found in their cloud offerings.

2019 — 2020
Folsom, California

• Attack Modeling and efficacy testing.
• Adversarial simulation to test incident response.
• Lead group offensive security training to increase InfoSec’s adversarial awareness.
• Drive remediation process of insecure assets, including asset owner identification, awareness programs, and testing of successful remediation.

2016 — 2020

• Responsible for defining technical solutions and end-to-end processes through all phases of the software development life cycle to deliver platforms, encryption, and detection solutions for the Enterprise including cloud services. Specific job duties include providing knowledge and skills to engineer, design, implement, and support products, applications and/or environments; architecting and developing the construct of Data Protection infrastructure platforms. Primary focus on cloud and host data loss prevention.



Tooling to quickly stand up infrastructure of Red Team engagements.


Portland, Oregon

Discussion and demonstrations of different persistence techniques on macOS.

Computer Security Best Practices at ACM - Crypto Night
Sacramento, CA


Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) from Offensive Security



Outstanding Achievement Award from Intel
Division Recognition Award from Intel